Is Hulu the New Old HBO?

For the first few years of the so-called content wars, Hulu always seemed to lag behind Netflix and Amazon in terms of media relevance, let alone the big dogs on premium and basic cable. The streamer had made its bones as the best place to watch new and classic shows from other providers, but failed to produce a signature series along the lines of House of Cards (before Spacey hit the #MeToo fan) and Transparent (ditto for Tambor). There were some hyped up, high profile misse

Fracturing a Fairy Tale

March Madness is here. While most of the focus is on the pseudo-science of bracketology, lost work productivity and occasionally the basketball itself, one of the more commonly accepted but overlooked aspects of the NCAA tournament is the usage spike in the word "Cinderella" thanks to the reliable persistence of sports clichés. For anyone unfamiliar with what a Cinderella story means in this context, a low-seeded underdog team defies expectations before eventually losing to

Best Picture of the Day: Rain Man

Check out Bundler's guide on where to watch. Why Watch It Now? Winner of four Oscars, including Best Picture, Actor, Director and Screenplay (written directly for the screen, in Academy jargon), Barry Levinson's 1988 road trip drama has long been considered a contemporary classic. Does it still deserve that status? For starters, there are concerns about how the #metoo allegations against Dustin Hoffman and the Scientological weirdness of Tom Cruise change what was once viewed

An Academy of One's Own

Oscar nominations were released this week, meaning that once again films directed by women were underrepresented among the major award contenders. To be fair, the Academy has made strides in diversifying its membership, and the nominees reflect this to a certain extent. Among the Best Picture nominated works, two films are from African-American directors, another one is from a Mexican filmmaker, one is from a gay (although now controversial) director, and only one is from a d