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Movie of the Day: Afternoon Delight

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Why Watch It Now?

Transparent creator Jill Soloway’s comedy about a wife who adopts a sex worker as the family’s new nanny likely would have garnered more attention had it been released after her groundbreaking series. As a TV writer, Soloway emerged as one of the more interesting voices on the complicated dynamics of sex and sexuality as it intersects with gender and class. Yet the seeds of that conversation were actually planted here in her debut film, which offers a provocative look at sexual politics and mores among allegedly progressive couples in LA’s east side. Afternoon Delight also avoids many of the pitfalls that seem to occur when showrunners and creators transition to feature films. For anyone feeling like the debate about sex in contemporary society lacks nuance, revisiting Soloway’s film may provide a refreshing counterpunch.

Bonus Trivia: Quentin Tarantino included Afternoon Delight in his list of top 10 favorite movies of 2013.

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