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Movie of the Day: All the President's Men

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Between the looming spectacle of presidential impeachment and the passing of screenwriting guru William Goldman, there’s never been a better time to watch, re-watch or re-re-watch this newsroom classic. The story of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein's Watergate reporting is a case study in the difficulty of investigative journalism, revealing how corruption that's obvious in hindsight can go undetected without frustratingly hard work, a few lucky breaks and a "deep state" whistleblower like Deep Throat. Goldman and star Robert Redford actually had a huge falling out over the script, to the extent that Redford hired Carl Bernstein and then wife Nora Ephron to write a revision that was never used. Goldman would go on to win his second Oscar. Although based on a true story, the film is considered part of director Alan J. Pakula's Paranoia trilogy along with the sexually charged neo-noir Klute and psychedelic psychological thriller The Parallax View.

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