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Summertime Binge: Rick and Morty

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If you haven't watched Rick and Morty, you probably have some good reasons. Maybe the mix of crude humor, theoretical physics and bleak cosmic philosophy seemed too confusing and convoluted for an animated series co-created by the dude who did Community. The show's hardcore fan base can also be notably obnoxious in online forums and during novelty McDonald's sauce tie-in events. Perhaps you still think cartoons are for kids and college-age stoners... even when they're on Adult Swim. While we're not going to tell you that you're wrong about any of this, we're still going to say that Rick and Morty is worth a binge this summer. Why? For starters, Season 4 airs this fall and the internet is already freaking out. Beyond being ingrained in Twitter's collective unconscious, the show is a true rarity in today's TV landscape, combining highbrow concepts and science-oriented content with lowbrow humor, graphic violence and psychedelic sci-fi. All this makes Rick and Morty by far the worthiest heir to the early seasons of The Simpsons and South Park (yes, more so than the recent seasons of both shows). When the world outside is dark, uncaring, and absurd, the best thing to do is to laugh at a show that's equally dark, uncaring, and absurd.


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